Kathryn Swim Cummings


Seventy-eight-year old Kathryn Swim Cummings was well prepared to bring to life the story of Esther Morris. Her own story, plus her exhaustive research and interpretive abilities, combined to make her the perfect narrator of Esther’s story.

With a life-long passion for history, Cummings has spent over  forty-five years doing genealogical and historical research. In 1992 after many years as a single parent and with her children grown, Cummings left the corporate world in San Diego and moved to the Rocky Mountains of Utah.

Her strong interest in western history focused on Esther Morris, leading to twenty-five years of research into the unembellished life story of the first woman judge in the nation. At her seventy-fifth birthday party, Cummings realized it was time to buckle down and write the book.

Cummings has three children, eight grandchildren and nine great grandchildren and lives in Holladay, Utah.



Esther Morris has never had a good biography and deserves one.  Kathryn Swim Cumming’s Esther Hobart Morris: The Unembellished Story of the Nation’s first Female Judge fills the bill, and more!

– Will bagley – 

Author of South Pass: Gateway to a Continent